Polly Pocket is the titular protagonist of the series. She inherits a magical locket from her grandmother, giving her the ability to shrink to a pocket-size.

She is voiced by Emily Tennant.



Polly is a clever and curious inventor who's always looking for fun adventures. Being a crafter, she is able to pierce together inventions from objects she has laying around. She is very confident in herself, taking many oprotunities as a personal challenge. Polly is considered the ringleader and instigator among her two friends, Lila and Shani. She has a contagious charisma and great passion for her many plans.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Polly's hair is blonde with purple streaks styled in two ponytails, and she has dark yellow eyebrows. Her eyes are blue and she has freckles across her nose and cheeks. She wears a pink and purple jacket and blue jeans. Her shoes are white with two shades of purple.



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Paxton PocketEdit

Polly's little brother and the only member of her family, other than her grandmother, to know about her ability to shrink using the locket.



Lila is one of Polly's best friends.


Shani is one of Polly's best friends. Her personality contrasts with Polly's as she pushes Shani to be more adventurous and outgoing.


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